2021.11.02 Weekly Meeting

Hello, I am planning to attend tomorrow to discuss the topic of “Add intuitive volume presets” as referenced here which resulted in a PR here.

Tomorrow, we will be having our next weekly hangout at 10:00 AM ET until 11 AM ET.

Anyone is welcome to join to ask questions at https://bit.ly/slicer-googlemeet-hosted-by-kitware


  • Slicer 5
  • Intuitive volume presets
  • Git protocol changes

Feel free to post to this thread to request/suggest a topic!

Sam and J-Christophe

Github is dropping unauthenticated git protocol: https://github.blog/2021-09-01-improving-git-protocol-security-github/ which is used in Slicer by default.

I think that matters only if you try to authenticate with https. I think we only ever use the anonymous checkout so we should be okay.

The post says this:

If your Git remotes start with https://, nothing in this post will affect you.

Happy to learn more if I’m mistaken (I stopped reading the rest of the post about key details).

Sorry, I read again - we do have some instances of git:// in the Slicer code so we should switch to https://

Is changing the default GIT_PROTOCOL to https an option?