2024.06.18 Weekly Meeting

Next Tuesday, we will be having our next weekly hangout at 11:00 AM ET until 12:00 PM ET, AFTER the Project Week Prep call. We will be using the same link as the Project Week Call

Anyone is welcome to join at this link:Launch Meeting - Zoom


Please post to this thread to put a topic on the agenda! We will try to prioritize agenda items during the meeting.

Sam and J-Christophe

An update to the community regarding building of extensions on Windows for Slicer stable would be great to have. Whether there is a planned date for resolution, no planned date yet, or that update is not planned at all would be good to know. Multiple people have asked why their extensions haven’t been updated on the stable channel for Windows. Unclear if there is a desire to wait for a new Slicer stable release to be cut instead of rebuilding for Slicer stable 5.6.2.

An update can be provided at the following thread:

I agree this is a big issue. We lost the ability to update extensions on Windows - both in the stable and preview releases (no Windows stable builds for many weeks now; preview releases unusable due to missing simpleitk for a few weeks). Since weeks passed, it might seem that the situation is tolerable, but actually the pressure is continuously growing while users are eagerly waiting fixes or new features.

In addition to corrective actions, we should also talk about how similar situations could be prevented in the future (how to motivate the community contribute more funding towards infrastructure, how to manage the bus factor, etc.).

I have been working on the Slicer-SOFA extension and now there is a PR on the ExtensionsIndex (ENH: Add SlicerSofa Extension by RafaelPalomar · Pull Request #2059 · Slicer/ExtensionsIndex · GitHub). Good if we can discuss about releasing (so far, it has been tested only on GNU/Linux)

Was there a decision for this? We have a SlicerMorph workshop coming up in July, and I am a little concerned. I can always prepare custom zip files for them to download, but understanding the stable vs preview dichotomy and navigating the extension manager has always been an important part of the workshop for post-workshop self-support.

I think i proposed this sometime ago, but one model is an annual fee structure as part of being the extension catalogue that can hopefully offset some of the infrastructure maintenance costs.