2D baby to 3D print

i was watching you utube video on how to convert a 2D baby image to a 3D print and there is no sounds so i dunno what file ur putting in etc makes it really hard to follow or understand?

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Most commonly when parents get a keepsake ultrasound, it is just a screen capture video, not a 3D volume. You cannot create a 3D volume from these kind of videos.

If you have a 3D ultrasound image that is exported as a volume file, then you may be able to import that into Slicer by installing SlicerHeart extension and following these instructions.

Do I need to ask the sonographer for this???

Or can u exchange the video file?

Do I ask for the files???

Sonographers are expert in making measurements in 2D slices and they know how to acquire keepsake 3D/4D volumes and export them as videos. However, they don’t analyze 3D volumes, so often 3D information is not saved, only 2D frames, and maybe a few short image sequences. Many ultrasound systems also cannot export the 3D volume in standard format.

The best you can do is to ask the sonographer to give you all data that they acquire, not just the video capture and hope that you can find 3D information in it. If you want to know for sure that you will have a 3D volume then contact the imaging center in advance and ask if they offer 3D printing from fetal ultrasound, if they do then it means that there are people there who know how to acquire and properly export the 3D data.

I have a 3D ultrasound and I still cannot get that video or image on slicer???

If you have trouble following these instructions then you can send me the files and I can have a quick look.