Ultrasound to stl


I am new to all of this an i would like your help on an subject. Sorry if this problem has already been answered. Well i am trying to make my baby from the ultrasound to 3d model but i cant find out how. I have dowloaded 3d slicer, i have the files in different extensions and formats (vol.dicom.bmp.raw) but i cant do anything. Does anyone has an advice on this? Thank you very much in advance

If none of the SlicerHeart ultrasound DICOM import instructions are applicable to your images then most likely the files do not contain 3D information (only a screen capture of the 3D rendering that was done on the ultrasound cart) or it is stored in a proprietary format that Slicer does not recognize.

Hello again. I can’t seem to figure it out. I think I tried everything but with no results. Is it possible to provide a training ( not necessarily free) in order to understand what am I doing wrong? Or what to ask for the doctor? Thank you very much.

If none of the instructions helped then most likely what you have is just screen recording of the ultrasound machine as it displays the 3D rendering. You cannot reconstruct a 3D image from such screen capture video.