3 Hi Res are in different volumes

Hi, once again I’m facing with this issue that I couldn’t surpass before. Even following all the indications in other posts similar to this.
Can someone help on having the 3 hi resolution axes in one master. This is for later segmentation and 3D printing for a cirjury.
This is the full CT, buy I only need the head.

Please help!

Can you describe what you tried (and link the relevant posts)?

This are some of the topics I read:

But none of them actually helped me.
Can you please take a look and give me an orientation on how to obtain a master volume to do a segmentation.
Thanl you!

You have found the relevant posts. The simplest solution is described here:

You may also try to use your volumes for segmentation one by one (since you can swap the master volume any time): Create a high-resolution isotropic volume from any of the input volumes, using Crop volume module. Then create a segmentation node using this isotropic volume as master volume. After this you can switch between master volumes - the segmentation node’s internal binary labelmap representation will remain high-resolution and isotropic. For example, you can segment the structure of interest based on one image, then switch master volume and make adjustments in the segmentation as needed. Unfortunately, this is a manual, iterative process.

All other solutions would require you to set up image reconstruction tools (download or build the tool, figure out how to use it, apply it on your data, and see if it can improve the image quality).