Create a master from MRI for 3D print

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Hi!!! I have been trying to get a volume from a brain MRI (my own brain). The problem is that the scan have many volumes, but each volume has only one plane in high resolution. I can’t get the high-resolution plane of each volume, to generate a new master volume with the hi-res planes. The idea is to use segmentation to 3D print my brain.
I already did this with my maxilar with excellent results.
I hope you can help me out!
Thanks in advance

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It’s a common issue - the post below and some of the ones it links to should give you the background.

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Thanks for your reply! I am trying to aply the tools and get a better 3D volume. If not I’ll be back :rofl:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful by trying to apply those tools. Still the same result. Is there a step by step to follow?

Please describe what you tried. Post a few screenshots, too.