3d meshing using data points

I am new to the 3d slicer. I wanted to know whether I can generate the mesh from data points. Actually, I have the data points of a geometry in three-dimensional space and I want to construct the geometry using those points, followed by meshing with brick-type elements. The geometry will be used to model anisotropic material. Is it possible to generate mesh using the 3d slicer? If not, then what can be the other methods?

Yes, you can probably do all these using VTK library, which is bundled with Slicer. For example, you can create a volumetric mesh from a set of points using Delaunay triangulation, convert the elements to a structured grid by probe filter, etc.

Thanks for reaching out. I had one more doubt. By converting the elements into structured grid, do you mean conversion of tetrahedral elements into hexahedral elements?

I meant that using probe filter, you can fill voxels of a 3D volume with values sampled from the unstructured grid.