3d model not showing up

Hello, I’m trying to do some experiments with 3D Slicer, but the 3d model doesn’t show up no matter what I do (I tried to adjust the fov and under “volume rendering” section I only have the CT object, not the 3d one). By the way, right now I’m trying the sample data so this situation is really strange.
Thank you.

Can you be more specific about what Slicer version and what computer platform you are using? To debug, I suggest starting with one of the tutorials and go step by step and then report when something doesn’t work as shown in the tutorial.

Do you mean you are loading an STL, OBJ, PLY, VTP, VTU, or VTK file as a Model and nothing appears in the 3D view?

Does the model appear if you click in the 3D view and hit the r key (to reset the zoom factor and field of view)?