No 3D model of the bone after I selected 3D rendering

Hello guys,

First of all, it’s my first time when I’m using 3D Slicer, so please take me easy :slight_smile:. Okay, so I’m trying to use Volume rendering on a CT scan from a dog, but the scan doesn’t appear in the 3D model view. I tried several option, but no luck.

I attached a photo with the settings I did so far and I could use your support and advices. What I have to do in order to extract the 3D model from the CT scan?

Thank you.

In the screenshot what you have looks like a 2D image slice that cannot be rendered as a volume. Use latest nightly version of Slicer. Go to Data module to see what data sets are loaded. Left-click on the eye icon to show/hide in slice views, right-click and choose “Show volume rendering” to show volume rendering of that image.

Click on the small rectangle icon in the title bar of the 3D view “Center the 3D view…” to make sure the volume is in the field of view.