3D model STL color

I have a question about the 3D model export into STL file
I have no problem with exporting the 3D model
However, when I include it into a powerpoint presentation, the 3D model is all time in gray color and I can not conserve the color used in the segmentation.
Please can You help me !

STL file can only store the surface geometry and nothing else (no colors, no material properties, no lighting, …). If you cannot find a way to set these in powerpoint then you can try to export as obj or glTF format (using OpenAnatomy extension), which preserve color.

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Thank you so much it works with an obj file but I did not find the extension OpenAnatomy in the extension list. How can I get it?

You can use the search box:

I finally downloaded the extension. Please if you have any tutorial or youtube video link for how to use this extension please share it with me.

You can find all information in the extension documentation. If anything is not clear then you can ask here.