3D printing Baby ultrasound

Hello! I’m having a problem with my DICOM files (.dcm), either they dont load correctly, dont load at all or when they do i cant make the 3D volume. when the file loads all the axis/perspectives pictures look the same insted of apearing the front, side and top view. I want to transform the dicom ultrasound file into an stl to be able to print it. I already saw youtube tutorials and try them but nothing seems to work. Can someone help me? thank you!

Based on what you describe, most likely you don’t have 3D data in those DICOM files. Just rendered images. If you can share (upload the images somewhere and post the link) your dataset or at least the DICOM header (right-click on the item in DICOM browser and choose “View DICOM metadata”) then I can have a look.

thank you for the help, I´m leaving here a printscreen of the 3Dslicer and the files that where given to us. whe tried saving them in several forms but still nothing seems to work!


I just got to this now and the transfer expired. Please share it again if you want me to give it a try to import it.