3D Slicer Elastix registration method


I’m just having a very small interrogation: what is the registration method used in 3D Slicer’s Elastix extension? I saw that a common method of registration in the litterature is Mutual Information but I don’t know if it is the one applied in Elastix.
Also, when using the presets “General(all)” and “CT/MR-based pseudo-CT (pelvis(prostate))” is the registration rigid or non-rigid?

Thank you for the information if you have it !

Vincent B.

I took a look at SlicerElastix/README.md at master · lassoan/SlicerElastix · GitHub and indicates

Select Preset: generic (all) performs deformable registration; generic rigid (all) performs rigid registration

Oh nice thank you, I found the git but missed this line. I guess that the other preset I mentionned is from the community so there won’t be extensive information. I assume it’s a deformable registration too.
I’ll look more carefully to the GitHub to see if I manage to find out the precise method used in the Elastix registration for deformable applications.

Thank you !

They have a wiki and a link to their documentation which lists everything you are looking for:

At a glance they do not seem to support deformable transformation beyond B-Spline and Thin-plate splines… But check their documents…