Free Form Deformation Registration

Hello .
I’m trying to register two lung CT volume from the same patient (baseline and post ) using the B-spline free form deformation algorithm where my initial transformation is a composition of Affine and Initial B-spline followed by the regular b-spline algorithm .
So my question is is there any documentation for registration about this method using 3D Slicer .

Thank you for your help.

Would you like to know how you can do affine+bspline image registration in Slicer? See instructions here.

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Thank you
So I was following the instructions , but it mentions

  • Select Preset: generic (all) performs deformable registration; generic rigid (all) performs rigid registration

Can you please tell me what generic (all ) means , to perform deformable registration as I’m not able to locate this .

Thank you

These registration settings are available in General registration (Elastix) module (provided by SlicerElastix extension) in the “Inputs” section:

Thank you very much . I didn’t installed the extension for the Elastix module and that why I was unable to locate it .