3D Slicer for DIseased Coronary Arteries

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I am a research assistant working on a project called the Coronary Atlas. As part of this project we extract coronary arteries from CT scans. We currently use the vmtk module for 3D slicer for this without any issues with normal cases. However for diseased cases it is a lot different. I was wondering if anyone is working on or know of someone who is working on something similar and has any pointers on how we can efficiently and accurately segment coronary arteries that have disease and high calcification out of CT scans.

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Hi @Kaitlin_Logie, I’m a biomedical engineering student. I’m trying to learn how to obtain a femoral-coronary artery path segmentation from CT_Thorax_Abdomen images. Do you have any advice about which tools I should use? Moreover, do you know what are the methods (or the algorithms) that 3d slicer uses to reach this segmentation?

If you have contrasted image then this is an easy segmentation task. See for example the two “aorta segmentaion” segmentation recipes. For more information about segmentation, check out these segmentation tutorials.