Vessel segmentation

Hey! I need help because I’m just starting with Slicer3D. I have to segment the carotid arteries from CT images (80kV and 140kV). All images with contrast. I tried with Vesselness Filtering but did not get the expected results. Can somebody help me and explain how to do it?
Below is a photo of what I was able to do manually (tiring and not accurate)

I have rather quick and good results with FloodFilling from SlicerSegmentEditorExtraEffects available as an extension.

With ‘Intensity tolerance’ between 90 and 130, and ‘Neighbourhood size’ between 2 and 5, a few clicks on the contrast media would isolate the lumen quite nicely. The result is not perfect for things like 3D printing. Many factors influence the result, like the contrast homogeneity, proximity of bones and too much contrast in the veins. In fact, I rarely do that for the carotids (for surgical planning).

There are certainly other techniques, it’s the fastest I’ve seen and I found it quite reliable.

Thank you very much for your answer! Could I ask for accurate information about FloodFilling from SlicerSegmentEditorExtraEffects. Where can I find this extension? How to use it?

niedz., 31 maj 2020, 19:41 użytkownik SET via 3D Slicer Community <> napisał:

The simplest way to install an extension is, well, using the ‘Extension manager’ menu.

Using it is straightforward :

  • Go to the ‘Segment Editor’ module
  • Add a new segment
  • Select Flood Filling tool
  • Set its two parameters as stated above
  • Click on the contrast in the 2D views, a few clicks might be needed

Undo if necessary, and adjust the two parameters of Flood Filling.
Destroy everything and start again.