3D Slicer for Plastic Surgery Simulation

I’m with FaceTouchUp which is an online Plastic Surgery Simulator. We’ve been doing 2D simulations for plastic surgery online. We’re now looking at 3D simulations and discovered 3D Slicer. I’m here to get your thoughts.

I want to create detailed 3D models of faces that surgeons can change and show patients right away. I have two main questions:

  1. Is 3D Slicer good for making and changing these 3D face models for surgery simulations?
  2. If yes, is anyone here experienced with 3D Slicer and interested in helping us build this? We’re thinking of hiring someone who knows their way around this tool.

Any advice or tips you have would be great. We’re excited about moving into 3D and think it could really help our work at FaceTouchUp.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi - thanks for reaching out. As it happens, I did my masters and PhD theses about simulating plastic surgery and I’ve been working on Slicer for the last 20 years. In many ways Slicer is the system I wish had been available to me in grad school to integrate computing and medical imaging. I’d be happy to chat about it.

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I would love to have a chat. What is the best way to contact you?

If it suits you, pls schedule a meeting:

Okay, I signed up for a meeting, so see you there :+1: