3D Slicer Model Maker

Dear 3D Slicer expert,
I doxnloaded the new version of 3D slicer on my laptop today (4.8 stable version).
I 'd like to use the model maker plugging to generate 3D surface model.
Unfortunately the module fail to construct the surface :

Model scene file doesn’t exist yet: C:/Users/DAVIDB~1/AppData/Local/Temp/Slicer/GJGI_AAAAABHDDDEEBCAA.mrml
Error: no model hierarchy node at ID “vtkMRMLModelHierarchyNode1”, creating one
Error reading colour file C:/Users/DAVIDB~1/AppData/Local/Temp/Slicer/GJGI_vtkMRMLColorTableNodeGrey.ctbl

My images are binary images created with SPM here the header :
fname: ‘Corpus_Callosum.nii’
dim: [260 184 342]
mat: [4×4 double]
pinfo: [3×1 double]
dt: [16 0]
n: [1 1]
descrip: ‘spm - algebra’
private: [1×1 nifti]

Could you help me with this bug ??
Thank you