3d small bowel model

Hello, I am attempting to form a detailed 3d model of distal small bowel and colon using a CT abdomen pelvis with oral and iv contrast. Is there a specific tool or extension that anyone would recommend for this? My attempts so far using growing from seeds, thresholding, has tended to have poor definition of bowel wall boundries, as the loops of small bowel are in a tightly-packed area. So far, my best results have been using the drawing tool, and circling the contrast-enhanced bowel lumen frame by frame, though this is tedious and time-consuming.
Thanks for any advice.

Hi, do you have any solutions for quick annotate the colon and small bowel? Thank you!

Dear Sir, I am trying to annotate the small bowel and colon in abdomen CT scan, however, annotating slice by slice is extremely time-consuming. Do you have any suggestions for the solution? Sincerely wish your reply!

Segment Editor’s “Grow from seeds” module works well for this. If you have problems then please post a few screenshots that highlight the issues.