3D view doesn't change

Hello everyone,
I do not understand why I see the 3D picture even I hide the all of the parts. Also, I couldn’t see seperately in 3D when I try to click the eye icon neither for soft tissue or for rib cage .
Could you please help me

You probably have other nodes displayed (e.g., you exported segmentation to models). You can check what nodes you have in the scene (and hide what you don’t need) in Data module.

Excuse me, I am new in 3D slicer and I have just only used the sample data in software. Could you please help me about how I can check it.
Before exporting and saving my 3D geometries, I was able to use the hide and show eye buttom.

The model node you exported is shown regardless you show or hide your segmentation node. Go to Data module and hide your model nodes (by clicking on the eye icon) so that they don’t occlude your segmentation.