3D View rotation stops working (+other odd bugs) if repeated control point location

Running 4.11.202000930 (but bug is not new to this version, was at least present in the 2020-09-02 release) on Windows.

As a minimal example, the following code makes the left-click/drag rotation in a 3D view stop working, even from a newly opened Slicer.

cn = slicer.mrmlScene.AddNewNodeByClass('vtkMRMLMarkupsCurveNode', 'testCurveNode')

No errors reported in the log messages. Scroll to zoom still works. Scroll wheel click and drag drags the MarkupsCurve (including changing its control point coordinates) instead of panning the view (the reference cube stays in place while the markups curve (points) move). Choosing the Spin or Rock 3D view buttons lead to weird distortions in the reference cube which gradually work themselves out. The problem occurs for any repeated coordinates, not just [0,0,0].

Adding a non-identical point to the curve node seems to restore normal view rotation behavior. If there are multiple curve nodes in the scene, having just one of them be of this aberrant form is enough to lock up the 3D view.

Thanks for reporting - fixed.