3D Visualization Method in Slicer


I wonder what 3d visualization method using for reconstructing 3D segmentation in Slicer? (e.g., interpolation, …). Moreover, is there any way I can view the current method?

FYI, I have the segmentation in 2D, and Slicer helps me view it in 3D

Thank you!

Probably you should start from here:


and then this:

I don’t see they specify the visualization methods in the documents that you mentioned.

It explains that segmentations are turned into 3D models and visualized as surface meshes? What specifically are looking for visualization methods?

I am sorry for the miscommunication. My question is, what methods are used to turn into 3D models?

I believe it uses the vtkDiscreteFlyingEdges3D filter to convert labelmaps into 3D models, but you should check the source code to make sure.