3D volume appears distorted - jaw looks elongated


I am trying to convert the dental CBCT scan into a 3d model to be printed. however when I do that the end result does not look realistic and the jaw looks elongated and the compressed.

I have uploaded a picture for the result https://imgur.com/a/NlA2vUm

When I upload the cbct it show a warning " multi-frame image. If slice orientation or spacing is non-uniform, then the image may be displayed incorrectly" however, I do not think this is possible. Is there is a way to fix this?

I have the Dicom files uploaded if anyone is interested in checking it.

Thank you in advance

Most likely you have run into a known problem with Dolphin CBCT scanners. See the solution here: DVT import with wrong dimensions

Thank you so much worked like a charm.

I encountered another problem when I try to using dicom files from medical ct scans. The render is not smooth and look like layers as seen in the picture on the following link

any idea ?

Thank you in advance

It seems that the volume has spacing between slices that is about 10x larger than pixel spacing within a slice. Use Crop Volume module to resample the volume with isotropic voxel size by checking Isotropic spacing checkbox and selecting B-spline interpolation. After this segment the cropped/resample volume using Segment Editor module.