3Dslicer Difussion Tractogoraphy

At present, I have a batch of DSI data, and the scanning data of each subject is divided into AP and PA directions. I have fitted the data of each subject in two directions through FSL, and finally obtained the files of NII, Bvec, Bval and Mask. Now I want to use 3D Slicer to track the fiber at the population level, is it feasible?Because I read in the relevant forum that the fiber bundle reconstruction of 3D Slicer must be required to be native DICOM data, the semi-finished product is not feasible.Therefore, I would like to ask you whether this situation of mine cannot be processed by 3D Slicer software in the future.

These scripts should handle converting nii dmri to nrrd. Then you can use ukf tractography and the SlicerDMRI tools.

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