3DSlicer to Bonemat, unable to detect in Bonemat

Extremely new to the domain, so please excuse me if I’m confused on things.

I had a 3DSlicer segmentation of a vertebra given in STL format, which I took and cleaned up in ANSYS Spaceclaim. I then meshed it in ANSYS workbench, and exported the mesh to Bonemat in order to map the material properties.

However, when I import the mesh and CT Scan (Dicom) into Bonemat, Bonemat is unable to detect the mesh on the CT Scan as it does with the sample data.

If anyone has went through the Bonemat workflow, would appreciate some assistance

I don’t know what Spaceclaim and Ansys workbench does to the branch, so it is hard to tell what is the root cause of the different behavior.

Can you share a sample data set that works and the sample data set that does not work? (use publicly available data set)

Do you use py_bonemat_abaqus?