4.11 Module panel is too wide and won't resize


My 4.11 version keeps the module panel window at the same size, convering the 2/3 of my screen.

I guess I should use the 4.10 instead…

Is this only when viewing a specific module in the left panel area? What does the volumes module look like? Can you provide a screenshot?

Do you have very long node names? I only encountered that issue when the node names are too long, which module panel expands automatically to accommodate.

Can you post a screenshot?


VERSION : 4.11

I encountered the same problem. For me 3Dslicer is very hard to use on my laptop.
the module panel window is fixed size, convering the 2/3 of my screen, and i can’t resize it smaller to the Left.

I have a small 13 inches screen.

Here a screenshot:

Can you please give me an hint why it’s doing this ?

Thank you

You can scale the text/button sizes of Slicer many ways:

  • Reduce font size in Slicer in menu: Edit / Application settings / Appearance / Font and size
  • Reduce the font scaling by running set QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.5 in the command console and then starting Slicer in that console (you can make this permanent by adding this to your environment variables or creating a .bat file that sets this and then starts Slicer)
  • You can adjust text scaling settings on your computer
  • Drag-and-drop the module panel to a second monitor