Strange Window Layout

When I run Slicer, the left window is very large. Do I have some old config file somewhere?

Looks like some weird scaling going on. Did you switch to a 4K/higher-res monitor or something?

Anyways, the left side window area should be resizeable. Just grab the divider between the left window area and the layout manager and move it to the left.

The monitor is 1920x1080. The interface will not let me move it to the left,

The control are the five discrete dots, arranged vertically, between the red viewer and the slider. Did you grab there?

Yes I did. It only lets it move left s tiny bit.

Where is the screen configuration stored? I might have some old config file around.

I found the Slicer.ini file and deleted it, but the results are the same.

Did you previously have a higher resolution monitor? It appears that it is scaling all the widgets by maybe 250%. Maybe your OS is doing this for the specific application. There’s probably some widget in the left side area that has a larger minimum size which is why you can’t collapse it much further.

QSettings typically stores window location and size but I don’t believe anything related to scaling. The location of the file can be found

For sure the widgets are being scaled.

You can try adjusting application scaling manually by modifying environment variables before starting Slicer:




You may also try to adjust font size in menu: Edit / Application settings / Appearance.