4D cardiac CT Strain analysis

Hi everyone,

I’m a medical student and doing 4D segmentation on 3D Slicer now, and the segmentation is really good.
And I gonna proceed to the next step–the Strain analysis. There is a paper–CardIAc: an open-source application for myocardial strain analysis which shows the good analysis from 3D Silcer. But I cannot find “CardIAc” extension.
Does anyone know this extension and please provide some information how can I find it in the Extension Manager.
My system: Mac, 3D Slicer: Version 4.13.0

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend in advance.

Xiaolin Sun

i suppose you mean this paper:

As far as I know it hasn’t been submitted to the extension index yet. I suggest contacting the authors to check on the status.

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If the authors don’t respond for very long time then you can do the computations with a little bit of Python scripting. You can get the displacement field from the transform node and use ITK-strain Python package to compute the strain. You can use the strain to color segmented surfaces (using Probe volume with model module) or compute statistics in selected image regions (using Segment Statistics module).

Hi, I want to calculate strain tensor as well. I found an example here. However, I only want the displacement field in the segmentation/model, but not the whole volume. Can I transfer a segmentation into a new volume so that I can export the displacement magnitude of the transform as a volume and visualize it?

I’ve replied here:

Please continue the discussion there.

Is there any new words about the CardIAc according to he publication list ?