4D Registration: How to output the coordinates of the meshing points?

Operating system: Windows 11
Slicer version: 4.11


I used the 4D Elastix plugin (Sequence Registration) to complete the image registration and the module Transform to transform a model generated by the module Segmentation. So I’m now able to see how the model deforms over time ( it’s a beating heart). It looks pretty good, but I’d like to export the time-varying position information of meshing points on the model surface, so that I can use the motion of boundary to do CFD/FSI. How could I find these information and how can I export them?

I tried to add the meshing points as nodes in the module Markups. But there are more than 20,000 points so that seems impossible to add them all as markups. In addition, even though the RAS information of markups can be displayed with time changing, I’m still not able to export those RAS coordinates.

What should I do?