Create and export 3D/4D metadata

Not sure if title is too clear, but imagine I want to mark specific locations in a 3D/4D dataset e.g. click on a tumour to mark it in 3D space (not segment it, just put a 3D marker on it). Then, I want to export this data which might be simply a list of name-XYZ pairs. Maybe in an ancillary file like an XML or JSON, to be consumed by some bespoke application that is nothing to do with DICOM.

Is this something Slicer can do with common modules/extensions? It seems like pretty basic application-development stuff, but how the internals of Slicer fit together I don’t know!

Use the Markups module to place points. The list(s) may be exported as CSV (via ‘Save Data’); see module overview and format description here: