4D straightened volume rendering

Hi everyone.
Warm Greetings.
This is Xiaolin Sun, a doctoral student in Berlin.
I am writing this message to ask for your kind help with 4D straightened volume rendering.
I used the animal cardiac CT to reconstruct the right heart. The CT was reconstructed in every 10% of the cardiac cycle(from 0 to 100%), with this I get the 4D cardiac CT directly. Then I applied segmentation(right heart)-> Add centerline-> Curved Planar reformat->volume rendering, to get the straightened right heart model. As in the screenshot (right ventricle-pulmonary artery, top->down).

Furthermore, 4D dynamic heart can be achieved by volume rendering.
Now, I am wondering how can I get the 4D straightened volume rendering, a beating straightened model. Should I segment every 10% of the cardiac cycle, export the Dicom file, register the 10 frames ( from 0-100 % of the cardiac cycle), or use other extensions? Could you please offer me some detailed guidance to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

Volume rendering requires the transform to be hardened on the volume. If you load the 4D cardiac CT as a volume sequence (not as a multivolume) then you can apply and harden the transform on each frame.