Segment 4D cardiac echo image

This thread sounds most relevant but it was last updated in Dec 2018. Any progress or new advice to address my query below?
If I use Grow from Seeds, seeds I intend to place only for one time point during the cardiac cycle [one 3D volume] are also marked throughout the entire cardiac cycles [multiple volumes]. How could we limit the seeds only to one time point? Or shall I use another mode instead of the usual Segmentation Tool? I’ve tried to export the multiple [4D] volumes into individual, serial 3D volumes using MultipleVolume Support but found no way to go any further.

We have made lots of progress since 2018. Still not everything is released publicly yet. What would you like to segment: leaflets? adult or pediatric? which valve? What is your end goal?

Thanks. It’s the fetal heart. Because of its tininess, I believe that we can only segment 4 major chambers and walls.

Dear Andras [and all 4D experts]

The nearest tool I could find is shown in this video: , but the Valve Annulus Analysis does not appear to be an option / extension to import/install on the latest Slicer 4.11.20200930

My screen shot

As my dataset is in 4D, is there any option in Segmentation Editor [or other menus] that can segment a single time point through the 3D space? Then by moving from one time point to another, we segment the entire 4D volume.

If no such option is available, all we need is to add such one, namely 4D Segmentation Editor, to the current Segmentation Editor group.

I understand this will take lots of time and expertise to develop. For the moment, any automatic or semi-automatic option that can export/save one 4D dataset into/as serial individual 3D datasets? So we can segment them separately, then rebuild serial segmented 3D images/objects back to a 4D image/object.

Many thanks. Jing

Dear Andras,

I’ve noticed this thread was last updated in July.

  • Any 3D/4D ultrasound image and ECG signal: if the user obtains Image3dAPI plugin from the vendor (GE Voluson, Philips, Siemens, etc.)

Does it mean that it can import Voluson 4D data now?

In the past and with your guidance, we managed to import GE Vivid [postnatal cardiac] 4D, but not GE Voluson [fetal cardiac] 4D datasets.

Many thanks in advance.


Yes it can. Maybe not all models and not all software versions, though. If you send me a sample data set then I can check - or you can sign up for getting the plugin from GE and try it yourself.

Thanks a lot. I acquired some mock datasets tonight. How could I transfer the data to you?

If it is uncompressed *.4dv format that the App can deal with, I have saved them in two folders, one containing 4 data sets of a total 74 MB, the other 2 sets of a total 200 MB. To be on the safe side, I’ve also exported them in dicom, vol, cartesian vol formats.

Please upload them somewhere (dropbox, onedrive, google drive,…) and post the download link here. Thanks!

Folder VOLS10RAB6D contains two *.4dv files, obtained using a RAB-6D probe [I believe it is a matrix probe with real-time 4D].

Folder VOLS10RM6C contains four *.4dr files, obtained using a RM-6C probe for the first three datasets.

Dataset 1 is a static 3D [also enclosed a corresponding STL file].
Dataset 2 is a 4D dataset without motion gating [by rapid oscillating of imaging planes].
Dataset 3 is a STIC 4D dataset [i.e., with motion gating, with a presumed HR at 71 bpm].

Dataset 4 is actually from a transvaginal probe but on carotid arterial branches.

None of the datasets are clinically meaningful, as I was basically playing the probe on my own chest and neck without ECG, mimicking 4D ob/gyn scans. But I hope that this is sufficient to test whether they are readable as 4D datasets [except Dataset 1, in 3D] by 3D Slicer plug-ins.

Thank you very much.

Dear Andras: Just a gentle follow up to bring my uploads to your attention. But take your time. As soon as we knew which formats are importable in 4D, I will let my collaborators in China know. So, they can acquire 4D datasets with meaningful anatomic info using Voluson E10. I use E95 for the same studies with 4D datasets already importable as shown in the posts above. Thanks a lot. Jing

These are Kretz ultrasound files.

Slicer can read your uncompressed Kretz ultrasound volumes, such as the .vol files listed below, by using “Add data” (not using DICOM module, because they are not DICOM files):

  • VOLS10RAB6D\IMG_20210823_4_1.vol
  • VOLS10RAB6D\IMG_20210823_4_2.vol
  • VOLS10RM6C/IMG_20210823_12_1.vol
  • VOLS10RM6C/IMG_20210823_12_2.vol
  • VOLS10RM6C/IMG_20210823_12_3.vol
  • VOLS10RM6C/IMG_20210823_12_4.vol

The others probably could not be loaded because they were compressed. You may be able to load them if you get the KretzLoader.KretzImage3dFileLoader Image3dAPI plugin from GE.

Thanks a lot. I now can open these files using what you’ve suggested Add Data. Let me take sometime to digest these as I do not appear to be able to open them in 4D, but only in 3D. BW!