A Free Biomedical Image Analysis and Visualization 3-day Course: March 12-14 in Carrboro, NC

Kitware has organized another free 3-day biomedical image analysis and visualization course to be held March 12-14, 2019, at Kitware’s Carrboro, NC, USA office.

Similar to last year, the course is designed for clinical researchers and technologists with a biomedical imaging background who are interested in learning to develop image analysis and visualization solutions using open source libraries. In addition to VTK, ITK and 3D Slicer, we will have introductory hands-on tutorials on ParaView and vtk.js this year. Seats are limited, and only applicants with the appropriate background will be selected for the course.

This is an in person course for participants who can travel to our North Carolina office (remote training option is NOT available)

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hello sir,
as i am from india and it’s not possible for me to attend the workshop though i intend to, can i get some videos or any other material of this workshop to learn more as i am very keen. why don’t you organise such workshops in india, we would be fortunate. thanks and best wishes for workshop.

There have been lots of 3D Slicer training events and you can host a workshop at your institution, too.

As far as I know, NA-MIC used to provide training for free (you just had to pay travel and accommodation for the trainer(s)) and maybe it is still does. See events and NAC training pages or ask @spujol for some more details. Maybe Kitware can offer something similar, too.