A lost beginner to 3D printing

Hello, I have only been using this software for 3 hours but am struggling to even get the Dicom data to load correctly with out all the loadout screens appearing black.
I have tried to follow a number of tutorials on the wiki and on YT, mostly the YT ones are out of date as many are 4v and I have downloaded 5.6 v. and a few of the links on the wiki like the Dicom module documentation are 504 bad gateways. Is there anyone who has done a video breakdown step by step to get a 3D printable model from these on 5v or anyone willing to hop in on a video call to help. I want to learn, but am quite overwhelmed with the software and terminology.

Please use the official documentation at the:


and from there click the DICOM Module Documentation for more detail.


I can help you with model creation if you like. Let me know and we can set something up.