AbcissaMetric does not write

Operating system: Windows 10

Hi everybody! I am working on aortas and I am using this command for the writing of the angular and abcissa coordinates:

#vmtkbranchmetrics -ifile aorta_clipped.vtp -centerlinesfile Ht_Lum_StAc_cl.vtp -abscissasarray Abscissas -normalsarray ParallelTransportNormals -groupidsarray GroupIds -centerlineidsarray CenterlineIds -tractidsarray TractIds -blankingarray Blanking -radiusarray MaximumInscribedSphereRadius -ofile aorta_clipped_metrics.vtp

However, the AbcissaMetric is writing the same value for the whole geometry while the angularMetric works fine as expected.

I do not know what could be the problem since I am just following the vmtk page (Mapping and Patching | vmtk - the Vascular Modelling Toolkit).

I would really appreciate it if anyone has encountered or know how to solve this!