About d pointer structure of slicer application

there are a question about d pointer structure of slicer application that is why using a number of d pointer, q pointer to wrap classes. Even if those classes locate in the same project. In my view, the purpose of d pointer is convenient software update by replacing dynamic libraries without recompiling the whole source files. But Using d pointer, q pointer structure in the internal project confuses me. Thanks for reading!

We welcome any suggestions to improve the documentation of this. If you still have any doubts about why and how the mechanism works then let us know.

Thansk for replaying!! I just want to know what is the purpose for d pointer (Q_D)and q(Q_Q) pointer in slicer application.

You can learn more about the private implementation (PIMPL) idiom here: c++ - How to use the Qt's PIMPL idiom? - Stack Overflow

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