about lungCTanalyzer Result

I have a question about the result of LungCTanalyzer.
Why do the Volmetric analysis (Table 1) and the Extended analysis (Table 2) have different values for Inflated?
For example, in Table1, Inflated right is 560.077cm3. In Table2, 448.888ml.

In correct, “in Table1, Inflated right is 429.947cm3”.

Thank you for your feedback, actually a good catch.

So currently, by convention, we have actually calculated the ml of “Inflated” in Table 2 as “inflated” + “emphysema” because it is questionable if some parts of emphysema may still account for functional gas exchange. So 448.888 in Table 2 makes sense for the right lung (429.947 + 18.9418), but 586.644 for the left lung (567.702 + 38.2556) does not.

I found and removed the bug and pushed an update, which will be available tomorrow.