What does the indicator mean in the final output result of LungCTAnalyzer

Dear Professor Rudolf Bumm
hay,I’m trying to use the LungCTAnalyzer Tool to calculate lung volume,But I don’t understand the result output by the LungCTAnalyzer.Such as:Emphysema right;Inflated right ;Infiltration right;Collapsed right;Vessels right.;Whether Emphysema right,Infiltration right,Collapsed right are the types of lesion of the lung.I don’t understand these 5 indicators, Especially Inflated right.I saw it in the manual that Inflated is functional lung(Inflated) and what functional lung(Inflated) is?Can you help me explain them in detail,Thank you for your help。@rbumm

Dear @zhenhua3 ,

An excellent open-access reference to our work that explains the Hounsfield unit ranges of various locations of interest in lung parenchyma and how they match up with the visual analyses of four qualified radiologists is available here:

Please inform us if any issues are still unresolved.

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Whether inflated lung is the state of healthy lung tissue after inflation?Or it means something else?

“Inflated lung” refers to the radiodensity of normal, ventilated lungs.