About using Slicer with command line in windows

Operating system: Windows (10)
Slicer version: Slicer4
Expected behavior: Images Registration through Elastix extension on Slicer 4 with command line
Actual behavior: Don’t know how to do.
Hello, I need some help. Because i need to deal with lots of data, it is almost impossible for me to do registration all manually. Is there any way to do it at one swoop? like processing through command line on linux or python?
Actually, I tried to do it on linux but I failed to install the whole Slicer4 program.

I will wait for your swift reply! Thanks.

If you don’t need to tune registration parameters case by case then it should be fairly easy to do. See this topic for some pointers: can’t find batch processing

There is a lot of variability depending on how your input data is stored, what registration module you use, and what outputs to need to generate. If you have any specific questions then let us know.

Hello Andras.
Thanks for your help!:smiley: