Accessing Slicer's Transform Module through terminal

Hey Guys, I am trying to do a bash script to run several times the routine converter from Slicer Transforms module.
But no clue so far. I google it for a while.

Any help is appreciated.

See how to run scripts in Slicer from the command-line:

Nowadays I would not implement any batch processing in bash, as you can write much more robust, maintainable, and platform-independent scripts in Python. If you already installed Slicer then you have Python already, while bash (and all the essential linux command-line tools) are not generally available on Windows. Also, if you implement something in Python, you can easily move it into a proper module inside Slicer, with a GUI, or copy content from modules into your processing script.

Hey Leo my friend. In addition to Andras’s sage guidance you need to give example code. Is this within Slicer or outside scripting? Best, Greg

Alright. You got me… I’ll try to run as a python script and give you feedback.

You’re right professor… I was trying to do through bash… But didn’t find solution… I’ll try python and see if I can make it work.