Active Learning in segment editor


I have a question about the “segment editor”. I have a large dataset that I have to label and it is taking a lot of time to be done, so I am looking for something like an active learning concept in this tool or similar modules that ease this annotation.
I appreciate any help with this issue.

Many Thanks.

Hi there,
indeed there is a tool for that, please check out MONAI-Label:

There is a 3D Slicer extension for that already which nicely interacts with the Slicer’s segment editor:

For an introduction to the concepts, you can watch this tutorial on Youtube:

Please note that the latest version introduced some slight changes compared to that video, but the underlying ideas are the same. The “Getting started” guide in the first link gives up-to-date instructions for usage.
Hope it works smoothly for you, if not, you can post your problems here.