ADC values on a DWI scan

I wanted to know if it is possible to load a DWI scan into slicer, draw a ROI and find the ADC values (in 10-6 mm2/s) (average and a distribution curve) corresponding to that ROI.

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Slicer version:4.9.0 (nightly)
operating system: Windows 7

it can be done on Firevoxel(,i wonder if 3Dslicer can do this too:grin:

If your DWI data can be parsed as a MultiVolume from DICOM Browser (it must be in DICOM to try that), you can next try DWModeling module from the SlicerProstate extension to fit various models to the data:

If you have raw DWI you can use DWIConverter to load, then SlicerDMRI Diffusion Tensor Estimation and DiffusionScalarMaps to calculate an ADC volume; then use Segment Editor to draw ROI and LabelStatistics to measure. I’m not sure if this workflow is in any tutorials but I’ll check and send a link or some screenshot instructions tomorrow.

Just a small addition to @ihnorton’s recommendation: in this workflow, it is easier to use Segment Statistics module instead of Label Statistics module. (Label Statistics module requires labelmap volume as input, so you would first need to export segmentation to a labelmap volume.)

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failed and still don’t know how to do ,looking forward to the screenshot:grin:

Ok, we don’t have a complete workflow tutorial for this, yet, but here are the steps and link to documentation for each step.

  1. Please download the latest Slicer nightly and install SlicerDMRI extension:
  2. Please follow the DTI tutorial for instructions to load data and estimate a tensor volume from raw DWI data.
  3. Around page 47 is scalar calculation, and you can instead follow the next screenshot to calculate Mean Diffusivity (ADC):


  1. Then use the Segment Editor to create regions of interest.

  2. Then follow this video to use the Segment Statistics module as Andras suggested:


How about DWI images of other organs, like the breasts. I have dwi data of breast with b values of 0, 800, 1400, 2000. Can I calculate the ADC value from the trace DICOM files in 3D slicer? or better, use a DKI model to obtain diffusity and kurtosis scalar map.

You can fit DWI data using the DWModeling module of the SlicerProstate extension.

Hi @fedorov ! I am using the Slicer version 4.11.20200930 on Windows 10. I want to calculate the ADC values from breast DWI images. I used the DWModeling module but I can not see the results, Could you share to me a tutorial, please? or tell me How I can see the results?

The question from @Mgi is being discussed in a separate thread here: Calculate the ADC for different b values in Breast DWI images.

Hi @Joejoe ! Could you solve this problem?