How to measure the ADC value(DWI) and rCBV in brain MRI?(is there a guideline?)

Operating system:WIN10
Slicer version:4.11
Expected behavior:Draw the same small ROI in DWI and CBV image, then measure the ADC value(DWI) and rCBV in brain MRI,all utilize the DWI and PWI(CBV) image(DICOM) of multimodality MRI.
Actual behavior: I didn"t find the way or extension to achieve that. can i do it in 3Dslicer ? or maybe other application should work. the final goal is to make the DWI and CBV image registration, then measure the ADC and rCBV in the same small ROI

If you have the rCBV and ADC images then you should be able to apply the same ROI (segmentation). Have a look at the Segment Editor and the Segment Statistics modules as a starting point. As a start you need to load your data through the DICOM module.