Add a user warning prompt when NIfTI imported as a segment is not a binary mask

Hi, I struggled a bit with importing NIfTI images as a segment (“Segmentation”) to the Slicer.

It took ma a while to realize that the image I was trying to import was not a binary mask (0s and 1s), but a probability map (values from 0 to 1).

When I tried to import a non-binary NIfTI image as a segment, I got the following results:

(i.e., I couldn’t see the segment), and I got no information whatsoever may be not right with my image.

For the comparison, the Slicer view after uploading binarized NIfTI as a “Segmentation” – everything worked:

I think it is a good idea to add a prompt/a warning saying:

“Warning: The image you are trying to load as a segment has to be a binary map (i.e., it can contain only the values 0 and 1).”

What is your opinion on this subject?

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