Add Slicer Nightly to Homebrew (macOS)


I think I’m missing something. In my head there are actually four scripts:

  • Slicer maintainers

    1. Setup = install brew + install cask-upgrade
    2. Update = send PR with new version
  • Slicer users

    1. Setup = install brew and other stuff + Slicer Nightly
    2. Update = download and install nightly version of Slicer

I’m working of the maintainers part, I don’t know if the users side should be also added to the wiki.


I created a first version of the page, feel free to edit!

(Jean Christophe Fillion Robin) #23

Thanks clarifying.

I’m working of the maintainers part


the users side should be also added to the wiki.

We could probably add the info on


I hope you can figure out that part from the users steps I wrote on the wiki.

Thanks for the feedback and help @jcfr :+1:

(Jean Christophe Fillion Robin) #25

Well done. I will give a try tonight or tomorrow.

Is it possible to install homebrew in a specific folder (e.g /Volumes/Dashboards/Support/Homebrew) so that it doesn’t “pollute” the PATH and does not install anything in folder like /usr, /usr/lib, … ?


brew doesn’t sudo, I think it installs stuff in its own libraries directory. There are some good answers for that here:

I’m sorry I can’t help you much more about that topic, I’m still very new about this.

(Andrey Fedorov) #27

For those interested, see related discussion in Slicer installation on Mac using homebrew


“jcfr” Seconded, can we install homebrew in a specific folder? This will very much help to keep things more organized.



Please see their comments about that on

(KHATRI) #30

Thanks for the the note. (For the record, I naively downloaded the script on linux … iTunes MobdroTutuAppbut realized soon enough brew executable was required)



I use this script to update Slicer automatically on Linux. You might find it interesting.