Need slicer 4.5.0-2016-06-22 package for MacOs (nighly build)

Hello everyone,

we developed an internal segmentation solution (python module) for Slicer 4.5-2016-06-22 (Windows version, nightly build).

Everything worked quite fine.

Now, the module is planned to be used on a macOs device.

Unfortunately, Slicer 4.5-2016-06-22 nighly build isn’t available anymore for download
and etc. always gives a “Unable to find file on the disk”-error.

Sadly, there are quite a few errors, when running the python module on later or earlier stable versions of 3DSlicer.

The Slicer 4.5-2016-06-22 nighly package thus would save us quite some time in rewriting the code and testing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


We don’t archive all nightly build versions of indefinitely long. I would recommend to update to the latest nightly version. Required changes should be all trivial. Just write what errors you get and we can tell what to change.