Adding a text annotation to a DICOM dataset that will volume-render…

Could someone please tell me if the annotations that can be seen in these volume-rendered images (from DICOM) were likely to have been added with Slicer and, if so, how is this done?

Thanks in advance for any/all assistance.

It seems that the text was burnt into the image (with bone-like voxel values). I would not recommend to modify an image by burning in annotations like this, as it may interfere with interpretation and analysis of the image (especially if automated) and may occlude potentially relevant details.

Anyway, if you still want to so it then you can use Segment Editor module’s Draw text effect to create the 3D text and then use Mask volume effect to paint it into the image.

Many thanks - this is being used for presentation purposes, rather than medical analysis… but I appreciate your notes.

For presentation purposes you can add text to the rendering using Markups module. They are rendered in a much nicer way, text always facing the camera, you can set any color, etc. and of course it is much easier to add and modify the text.