Advanced 3D Slicer Virtual Course Announcement: September 20-21, 2023

For those familiar with 3D Slicer and interested in expanding their capabilities, we’re offering an advanced course focused on more intricate aspects of software development using 3D Slicer, September 20-21.

Course Details

  • Topics Covered: The course delves into advanced areas such as script writing for pipeline automation, tailoring 3D Slicer’s user interface, and establishing workflows for clinical research software and product development.
  • Instructors: This is an opportunity to learn directly from members of the core 3D Slicer development team.

Early Bird Discount

20% early bird discount to be used before September 5th.

Students Discount

40% discount on the course fees.

How to Register

For course details and registration, visit here.

We hope to see you!

-Kitware Training Team



I am very interested in participating in this course. I have some experience building basic modules in Slicer using Python. I am not a formal programmer and haven’t learnt C++ (yet). Is the emphasis going to be on core C++ code, or a significant proportion will be using the Python API?

Will there be supporting documents (e.g. slide pdf) available? I am asking because I may need to reread everything multiple times.

Finally, is there any option to obtain the course on demand if I am not able to attend the live session?



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Just saw the email. What are the time commitments for the course?

Jared A. Darrow
Senior Student

Emory University

Hi Laurent

Thank you for your interest in the course. Please find the answers to your questions below.

There will be a mix of C++ and Python code, but most of the training will be using the Python API.

Certainly, we will be sharing the slides as a part of the training.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any pre-recorded training sessions available at the moment. Our sessions are only live.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Hi Jared

The total instruction time will be 8 hrs split into two days.


Thank you very much for these details.

Do you think it would be possible to follow along with the course without C++ experience, or is it a requirement to be able to participate?

Thank you,

It’s possible to follow without C++ experience. The instructors may show some C++ code, but most of the material uses the Python API.


Thank you very much for the quick reply.
I am very interested in attending the course, but need to figure out if there is any funding available.

Thank you,

Thank you for the information. Will the live sessions be recorded by any chance? I will not be able to join the live session due to time difference unfortunately, but it will be great if I can watch the recording afterwards.


At this time, we don’t intend to record the sessions. However, we will be offering this advanced training course regularly in the future. We hope you can join us for an upcoming session.

Best of luck,

Hello, I have another question.

The course website states that the timezone is EST (Eastern Standard Time). As far as I know, EST refers to Eastern Time without daylight savings.

But since daylight savings is in effect, is the course time actually in EDT? (Eastern Time with Daylight Savings)?

Thank you!

Hi Eva

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have made an update to the page and it now shows the time as Eastern Time (ET).


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Hi Everyone,

Such events and courses are always nice and helpful; however, its (in my opinion) very expensive. There are too much efforts in development of 3D slicers and its plugins, and they are all free of charge. I don’t understand the motivation behind why such educational virtual courses are expensive while the software itself is free.

PS: I definitely understand that lecturers spend their valuable time to prepare the course; on the other hand, everyone (software and plugin developers spend time to develop plugins, clinicians and others spend their times to produce data and share it) spends their time. Actually, spending free time is the motivation behind in creation of open-source software and strong community. Let’s make this course free of charge if it is possible so that everyone can join!

Those are my personal opinion, and may not reflect the opinion of the community! Sorry for any inconvenience if there is.


It would be great to see free training courses. Volunteers, please step up!

It’s also understandable that Kitware needs to charge for in-depth courses and probably many companies find it well worth the investment.

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