Advice on graphics tablets

Hi all!
I am doing 3d geometric morphometrics analyses on lizard skulls, and have heard that graphics tablets make the job of segmentation much easier. I have looked into pricing of various tablets available in South Africa, and the Huion H610 tablet is cheaper than the others (like wacom). So, I am leaning towards the cheaper option, but I am concerned that it would not be compatible with 3d slicer? Has anyone used this brand with 3d slicer before?
Alternatively, are there other brands that are compatible with 3d slicer, but affordable?

We have received many spam messages, obviously promoting specific graphic tablets vendors/models. I’m not sure if this message is a more subtle variant of those or if you are genuinely interested in evaluating a specific tablet to be used with 3D Slicer.

Please give us a bit more details about your project, what would you like to achieve, what are your requirements, etc. If you don’t provide such details then this posting will be considered as direct marketing and will be removed.


Is this better? I have tried to reword as suggested :blush:

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I don’t have an answer, but that looks fine. Thanks for understanding!

By the way, I think auto-correct changed Huion h610 from your original post to Yukon (in case someone is confused)

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Thanks! I have edited it.