XP-Pen Artist 12 Pen Display for 3D slicer ?


Before to buy any graphic tablet Monitor I would like to know if I can use 3D slicer with a XP-Pen Artist 12 Pen Display Tablet . Is it fully compatible ? Both pressure sensitivity and the tool switch button work fine with it ?

Oh, and here the tablet itself: https://www.amazon.com/XP-PEN-Artist12-Battry-Free-Multi-Function-Sensitivity/dp/B07GNK18VJ

Thanks for answering.

We have received many spam messages, obviously promoting specific graphic tablets vendors/models. I’m not sure if this message is a more subtle variant of those or if you are genuinely interested in evaluating a specific tablet to be used with 3D Slicer.

Please give us a bit more details about your project, what would you like to achieve, what are your requirements, etc. If you don’t provide such details then this posting will be considered as direct marketing and will be removed.