After Smoothing and hole filling Still some holes arte there in 3 D model of nasal cavity

I am going to do nasal airflow simulation , i am made a 3D model of nasal cavity in 3D slicer , but still there are many holes what to do ? and also after making 3D model is there any other post processing required before exporting it to any simulation software ?


There are many different approaches to decide what are considered holes and how to fill them. Could you post a few images that illustrate what kind of shapes, level of details, and size and number of holes you encounter?

If your simulation software can create volumetric mesh from surface mesh (ply, vtk, vtp, or obj file) then probably no post-processing is necessary. If your simulation software expects a volumetric mesh (e.g., tetrahedral mesh) then you can use SegmentMesher extension to generate it from the segmentation.

These types of holes are there …

For me it is very hard to interpret these screenshots. Could you maybe show a few slice views and use an arrow to point out the issue instead of circling a large area?

Please Check This one , while doing smoothing for higher size hole other anatomy also merged (which should not be actually)


If the holes only appear where the surface is very thin then it may be due to surface smoothing (that is applied when the binary labelmap representation is converted to a closed surface representation). You can address this by increasing the resolution (reducing the spacing of the segmentation) or reduce the smoothing factor.